My trip to Vandaloor Zoo! – A Travelogue

This is an excerpt of the vacation to vandaloor zoo!


Vandaloor zoo situated in the outskirts of Chennai, India is one of my favorite destinations of mine. Miles and miles to walk with my loved one and also, variety of animals, birds, fishes, reptiles to view on the sides of the walk. Its such a refreshment when coming out of the zoo. And the positive part is that, its wonderfully maintained.

For the visitors, who wanted to go for a full day trip will really need bottles of water to quench your thirst on your stride.


You will be able to see lovely peacocks, and quite a number of birds along your way!!


Your way will be amused with the lovely chirp of lovebirds, meandering giraffe, huge elephants, white tigers – which are almost rare species now, lion safaris and a lot more. Worth a visit!



You can also see this video by our friend.. This is wonderful!

Author: Sow

Soundarya is a bold, non caffeinated person who enjoys all her travel by enjoying mother nature. She clones her deepest thoughts into writing in "THINKINGUA" She pens at: Thinkingua blog is all about her contemplatory musings, festivals, mostly about how she enjoys nature, her travels. She infuses a pinch of her creative thought in all her writings.

5 thoughts on “My trip to Vandaloor Zoo! – A Travelogue”

  1. Lovely photos. And yes some parts are well-maintained but Ifear that the living areas for animals have been very poorly-planned/ The land allocated for three jackals was considerable more sizable than that given to a herd of Gaurs, quite sad really.

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  2. First of all, Thank you so much for your compliment. Yes it’s true regarding the land planning. Yet wonderful day trip to walk around. 🙂 @christybharath


  3. Very interesting writeups. Makes one actually to look forward to trips like these! Keep adding more stories. Maybe more details will help people fall in love with travelling.

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