Wonderment of watching the beauteous sunset!

It is always beautiful to watch nature’s beauty. We, humans unconsciously fall in love with nature’s exquisite and impeccable gracefulness. Some love to see birds, a few love to see animals, their majesty, their beauty, motherly virtue, their unique characteristic features. Also, some will like to see trees were swaying graciously as if it dances for some beautiful song.


Now, she is one of those millions of people who love nature. Who doesn’t love nature? So is she. Even though she love watching birds, animals, etc she is more intoxicated in watching sunset. The sight of the sun gracefully going down to its nest, makes her forget herself! It is such a scintillating view!


Also, the most intriguing point to mention is that, the sky looks really awesome, like a painting coming true immediately after the sunset! The bright blue sky then turns in a beautiful color blended with golden and red and the entire scenery is as though visiting heaven. I am sure, nobody has watched heaven abode, but she must have felt that the sight of this as entirely heaven.


Author: Sow

Soundarya is a bold, non caffeinated person who enjoys all her travel by enjoying mother nature. She clones her deepest thoughts into writing in "THINKINGUA" She pens at: http://www.thinkingua.wordpress.com Thinkingua blog is all about her contemplatory musings, festivals, mostly about how she enjoys nature, her travels. She infuses a pinch of her creative thought in all her writings.

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