I am unique, find what you are unique about!

We might have admired many celebrities and personalities around the world when we were kids like Sachin Tendulkar, Mahatma Gandhi, Obama, Amitabh Bhachan, MG Ramachandran, Sania Misra and so on. We take them as role models and follow their ideologies. I donot say it is wrong. The better and a greatest way of finding a role model is within his or her family. He/She should be admired by his parents’ characteristics.

I believe in forming a role model to my son and teach him good values. I would proudly see him inherit my characteristics such as boldness, optimistic attitude to a particular goal or a new endeavor. To evidence this characteristics, I was bold enough to say my project manager that I am capable of becoming a Business Analyst and also tried my level best to showcase it in that project by giving extra insights to the team.

I surpassed my limitations on being a tester who just tests the application for its correctness and I started finding the errors, also showed a generic long-term solution to that application so as to nullify that error. This instance has made me give myself as well as my manager, a confidence on me on excelling what I wanted to become.

And, my another strength, I think is that, I make short and long-term goals for my life – both personal and professional. I paint up a visual interpretation within myself of how I will be in next one year for short-term and five years for long-term. I precisely visualize how i look (a bit aged – aging is also fun!), what I am doing(with two loving kids and also a project manager), where I am, drinking coffee or tea, how is my hairdo and what not. This gives me the drive to do things in my present, when I see a better me of future!

Another unique thing I feel is that, I am of strong notion that we are capable of growing our own vegetables and fruits. I try whatever seeds or plants I get it to grow. I love gardening. I feel very happy when I talk with my plants and water them.

Nature is something while seeing, I forget myself! – watching clouds slowly moving around, the complete movement of sunset and the beauty of its color changes, the budding flowers, the pure and happiness creating rain, hearing soul striking songs and forgetting myself, singing loudly and happily my heart out & a lot more to say!

Travelling alone – my favourite thing about me! I will become so thoughtful that I will start relating two unrelated things and finally establishing a weird relationship between those two and calling it as creativity! Lol 😀

I love myself being created this way in this planet!

Also, I very strongly feel a decision for a person should be taken for himself, by himself. For this to happen, the person should be taught or given suggestions of what is right and what is wrong and what are the consequences of both and finally let him to decide of his life. By this way, we teach not only the kids what is right & what is wrong, we also teach our kids on “how to decide by themselves in a correct way” Even though this is too early for kids, I feel this will give that person a strong foundation for giving a good self-esteem upon himself and a self-confidence to win our many situations when we parents are aged or become old or even wither away.

So, I strongly feel that our kids should not choose some illude, outward and not true characters from outside world as his or her role model, but to choose from his or her family. And we should be a strong individual ourselves for our kids to be proud of.

How proud and elated would you feel if your daughter says, “My mother is the most self-confident and humble woman I have ever seen and my father is the most wonderful and loving man I have ever seen & they are my role models in life!”

I never felt I am special and unique in my life until I realized and made up my mind that “I am different and unique” Everyone should have that mindset so as to increase their self-esteem! it is not too late!


This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


Author: Sow

Soundarya is a bold, non caffeinated person who enjoys all her travel by enjoying mother nature. She clones her deepest thoughts into writing in "THINKINGUA" She pens at: http://www.thinkingua.wordpress.com Thinkingua blog is all about her contemplatory musings, festivals, mostly about how she enjoys nature, her travels. She infuses a pinch of her creative thought in all her writings.

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