A-G-T-C letters

Sujatha is one of the renowned authors who writes even the most difficult information in a very understandable and lovable manner. Admired of his book and also to know what are our genes doing in our human body- aging of our skin, getting diabetes, how does fertilization happens, how do we get our great grand parents traits straight away, how do we get a blonde hair, how do brunette parents get a kid having black hair, and a lot more!!

What are our DNA made of? Proteins! Proteins combine into very very complex forms and we get our organs and a human body as a unique closed loop system.


Our human body called as the house has DNA in the nucleus of each cells and it contains chromosomes in the form of rooms. The chromosomes contain DNA strands in the name of a book and each book (DNA) contains chapters called genome and genome has paragraphs in the form of exons and introns similar to some advertisements in the middle of each paragraphs. The words in each paragraphs are in the form of codons of human body. Each word is made up of letters in the form of Adenine (A) – Guanine (G), Thymine (T), Cytosine (C).

The feel of love and making love is also due to a series of chemical reactions made from Genes!

What a beautiful rendering of the secret of our life!

Jeenom is the link for this wonderful book by Sujatha Rengarajan in Tamil!

Read this book and get enlightened!!!!





Author: Sow

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