Tranquil thoughts!

He left her with her mommy and daddy along with their brand new fragile but a cute little angel and headed towards the airport with heavy heart. She felt even more alone, while with her parentimage17s cheering her up and her daughter giving her the cutest and innocent smile to her. Her grief of being alone from her hubby made her more silent and she didn’t have the energy even to cry.

Thanks to the Skype video calls. Else, consoling her would have been very difficult by him. He thought that, he is leaving two of his kids back home and flying far away for his work. One was his dear wife and the other was his pretty smiling daughter!

They took a few memorable photographs with their kid and while the happiness was in the air, he left discreetly saying just a bye to her, even before his wife would really feel that he has left.

       Just a glance at her hubby’s eyes will bring her intoxication to high spirits!

imagesSeeing her little daughter overwhelmed with external sounds, shapes and colors was making her forgetting the moment and filled her with indistinguishable happiness.  May be that’s the feeling of motherhood! Seeing her hubby for a moment in Skype made her day. So was he.

Both were competing in showing their love towards each other!

He promised her that he would be back ASAP. Even then she was vexed at the present moment of being alone, she would become harmonious with a few words of him, “I am there with you each and every moment in your heart as your breathe and also I am with you in the form of our cute little baby!”

She thinks these words and feels elated every time she misses him!

He is also waiting for her to say someday that “Nobody would have loved me to this extent”


Author: Sow

Soundarya is a bold, non caffeinated person who enjoys all her travel by enjoying mother nature. She clones her deepest thoughts into writing in "THINKINGUA" She pens at: Thinkingua blog is all about her contemplatory musings, festivals, mostly about how she enjoys nature, her travels. She infuses a pinch of her creative thought in all her writings.

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