Waiting to see the beloved <3

A short letter from your beloved.

This wait would be the longest to feel when there are actually shorter days to pass through to see our beloved. This happens to everyone who anticipates the arrival of the person whom you expect to be near and dear.

The seconds become hours in this so-called wait. But the expectations, the way we see the future near us makes us exciting. We think of what we do together once back, where all we go together – our favorite bike ride songs, eye to eye conversations, our naughty mischief’s, OMG, i can write a big long list here!!

The yearning fascination to see you on your arrival has no words to describe! See you soon!! ❤


Mind meanderings..

I have been recently wondering about what I have to do in life? I totally agree that I am financially secured enough. Now, I am in search of my passion.

For that, I love writing – sitting on serene spot, especially in the balcony where I can see the sun rising slowly, where the sky glees with the brightness of the rays of hope from the sun. Every now and then, hearing birds chirping – in search of their food and enjoying their freedom of flying the entire sky. Still I could visualize my favorite place – my dear balcony of Oakhill 72. This place filled me with peaceful thoughts and calm mind. Good memories sprang from this place. I wrote a couple of blogs in this place. The next place similar to this is the Emmerentia Dam. Such a peaceful soul of mine existed there, which was very similar to my Oakhill 72. A lot of creative topics sprung here.

Also, I love reading books, but the starting trouble existed in my heart of “Why Reading ?” Finding a subtle reason for me to read a book and convincing myself of it was the foremost obstacle I faced. But once I find it and start reading it, I find numerous more reasons to support my reading and convincing myself that I didn’t waste my time.

Oh yeah, on “Wasting time”

For me, I could sit and sleep altogether a couple of hours, without doing anything – you heard me – without absolutely doing anything. But doing something great which my heart didn’t say an Yes, it is ofcourse a waste of time according to me.

Next is – My mind is very passionate about being healthy and longevity, I have been browsing in and around this topic every time. Like every other human being, I like to be healthy and steady even during 100s. May be, I haven’t started any regime to follow it as I haven’t thought serious about it. But I would love to kick start having a healthy food, enjoying every meal, good exercise, a nice laughter, quality of love, enjoying nature – live life to the fullest. What else do we need more?!



Tranquil thoughts!

He left her with her mommy and daddy along with their brand new fragile but a cute little angel and headed towards the airport with heavy heart. She felt even more alone, while with her parentimage17s cheering her up and her daughter giving her the cutest and innocent smile to her. Her grief of being alone from her hubby made her more silent and she didn’t have the energy even to cry.

Thanks to the Skype video calls. Else, consoling her would have been very difficult by him. He thought that, he is leaving two of his kids back home and flying far away for his work. One was his dear wife and the other was his pretty smiling daughter!

They took a few memorable photographs with their kid and while the happiness was in the air, he left discreetly saying just a bye to her, even before his wife would really feel that he has left.

       Just a glance at her hubby’s eyes will bring her intoxication to high spirits!

imagesSeeing her little daughter overwhelmed with external sounds, shapes and colors was making her forgetting the moment and filled her with indistinguishable happiness.  May be that’s the feeling of motherhood! Seeing her hubby for a moment in Skype made her day. So was he.

Both were competing in showing their love towards each other!

He promised her that he would be back ASAP. Even then she was vexed at the present moment of being alone, she would become harmonious with a few words of him, “I am there with you each and every moment in your heart as your breathe and also I am with you in the form of our cute little baby!”

She thinks these words and feels elated every time she misses him!

He is also waiting for her to say someday that “Nobody would have loved me to this extent”

A long wait for a beautiful future

Srishanth and Aishwarya got married- just 6 months ago. Happy honeymoons, beautiful memories were cuddling their life until Sri’s visa came for his first and foremost onsite travel to South Africa. His goals are coming into a reality.


Aishwarya gave a bittersweet smile when he told this news to her. She conveyed her happiness and wished him a great career starting from this first onsite concealing her deepest agony of missing him. Even Sri couldn’t bear the anticipation of leaving his dearest wife and living abroad.

The day of travel was equally exciting as well as both of their heavy hearts sank in the deepest darkness of sorrow.

He hugged her tight and smiled at her saying, “I love you and you will always be in my thoughts on my daily routine”

She smiled and said, “Don’t worry! I won’t cry”

But both of them knew, either of them will be sleepless, weeping.

Sri went to the quiet and picturesque place of Johannesburg and started settling down into his daily chores and his office job. He worked hard that his clients and other colleagues praised him of his uphill battle. Meanwhile here, Aish also started concentrating in her career and did many meaningful achievement for her to boost her resume and recognition.


Their only source was a simple whatsapp call. They talked hours together of what is going on everyday and started sharing their love towards each other- since the absence made them to understand how deeply they are in love with each other and this sacrifice meant nothing when they saw the big picture of their future living happily.

long.pngAish decided to visit SA for few months and took leave from her workplace and came to spend some quality time with her loving Sri. She didn’t have any prior plans in her mind about that place, nor what she is going to do there. Her only thought was to see Sri. That only thought made her alive and breathe.

After a long 14 hour journey, she reached the destination and came in search of the face she loved the most. Even before she could see, he caught an eye of her arrival and came running and hugged her tight.

It was a huge sigh of relief to both of them.


They went to beautiful and aromatic gardens, casinos, movies, his first car driving experience with her, their first mall visit, their first safari to Pilanesberg Forests, their first shopping of groceries and a lot more to say. Even drinking a cup of coffee together made a huge sense of accomplishment to them. Many memorable and funny moments lingered into their beautiful home filled with love and happiness.


One fine day, both went for a doctor check up a few months later to see a huge surprise waiting to enter into their life. A beautiful child having the genetic characters of both Aish and Sri is going to enter into this world after nine months! They were thrilled and the moment of hearing the tiny little heartbeat cannot be forgotten by both of them in their lifetime.

After three months, with heavy heart- she waved bye with a good note of seeing him soon on her native land.

On a positive note- She is waiting for him to see soon along with her baby!


Yesterday was an awesome day for me!

Seeing a double rainbow was very fascinating to me! Gracing itself in the sky was much breathtaking sight.

The complete wonderfulness is when it showed all its colors! 

An easy way to remember the colors of the rainbow is by using the acronym called “VIBGYOR

V – Violet, I – Indigo, B – Blue, G – Green, Y – Yellow, O – Orange, R – Red

So, when can we expect a rainbow?

Generally, it will be sunny when you see a rainbow, but rain clouds will be just a short distance away.

Fun Fact : A rainbow arch is a 42 degree angle starting from the direction opposite from the sun.

Did you know that no two people see the same rainbow, why?

A person standing next to you is standing in a slightly different spot and sees the rainbow in a slightly different place.  The rainbow may look the same but there a little different because the person next to you sees different raindrops.

Fun Fact: On the ground we only see a semi-circle rainbow but from very high up such as on an airplane you can see a rainbow in a complete circle.

So, have you ever tried making a rainbow at home? If not, try this out!

  1. Try standing with your back to the sun.  
  2. Take a water hose and spray it in front of you keeping the sun behind you.
  3.  Watch what happens. A rainbow should form.

Cheers, Soundarya

A-G-T-C letters

Sujatha is one of the renowned authors who writes even the most difficult information in a very understandable and lovable manner. Admired of his book and also to know what are our genes doing in our human body- aging of our skin, getting diabetes, how does fertilization happens, how do we get our great grand parents traits straight away, how do we get a blonde hair, how do brunette parents get a kid having black hair, and a lot more!!

What are our DNA made of? Proteins! Proteins combine into very very complex forms and we get our organs and a human body as a unique closed loop system.

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A Psalm of Life

Longfellow’s poem! – My fav #remembering


TELL me not, in mournful numbers,
Life is but an empty dream ! —
For the soul is dead that slumbers,
And things are not what they seem.

Life is real !   Life is earnest!
And the grave is not its goal ;
Dust thou art, to dust returnest,
Was not spoken of the soul.

Not enjoyment, and not sorrow,
Is our destined end or way ;
But to act, that each to-morrow
Find us farther than to-day.

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Paanghu- Kadhal – Kadhaigal

When she went on browsing for jewelry websites, she found one interesting website. It is none other than Stylori! When she went to the website, she was immediately gleaming in her happiest smiles!  GIFTS MANIA was really a mania!
Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 11.47.53 AM.png Her husband was sitting near her and admiring her endless beauty and her charming smile! He wanted to gift something on their wedding anniversary.

So, he tricked on her saying that he was busy with some important office works and went on to the same website- where she browsed over. He found a beautiful pendant for her named “Amadis”Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 11.35.44 AM.png


Amandis is nothing but a pendant in 18K Yellow Gold and Diamond and Ruby. It was so stylish and romantic for him when he dreamt of her wearing it!

He knows that her favorite was Jhumkas! He has seen her from day one while they met during their college days, that she used to wear beautiful jhumkas.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 11.45.24 AM.pngNow he saw a very beautiful jhumka on this website! He started loving the STYLORI now, more than ever. He thought it would be wonderful if she wears it during any traditional functions like Deepavalli, Karthigai, and many more!

“Let’s steal for Diwali as 33% off is on!!” he said and called his lovable wife to check out the surprise, she was asking for more tiny jewelry! She came up with a very happy news that she is pregnant!

Now he has to search still more Jewelry for the tiny one in advance too!!! 🙂

12177819_10206683657622954_1177199961_nVisit http://www.stylori.com for more information. Browse through their wonderful collection of earrings and pendants and gift your loved one a cherishable memory!

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I am unique, find what you are unique about!

We might have admired many celebrities and personalities around the world when we were kids like Sachin Tendulkar, Mahatma Gandhi, Obama, Amitabh Bhachan, MG Ramachandran, Sania Misra and so on. We take them as role models and follow their ideologies. I donot say it is wrong. The better and a greatest way of finding a role model is within his or her family. He/She should be admired by his parents’ characteristics.

I believe in forming a role model to my son and teach him good values. I would proudly see him inherit my characteristics such as boldness, optimistic attitude to a particular goal or a new endeavor. To evidence this characteristics, I was bold enough to say my project manager that I am capable of becoming a Business Analyst and also tried my level best to showcase it in that project by giving extra insights to the team.

I surpassed my limitations on being a tester who just tests the application for its correctness and I started finding the errors, also showed a generic long-term solution to that application so as to nullify that error. This instance has made me give myself as well as my manager, a confidence on me on excelling what I wanted to become.

And, my another strength, I think is that, I make short and long-term goals for my life – both personal and professional. I paint up a visual interpretation within myself of how I will be in next one year for short-term and five years for long-term. I precisely visualize how i look (a bit aged – aging is also fun!), what I am doing(with two loving kids and also a project manager), where I am, drinking coffee or tea, how is my hairdo and what not. This gives me the drive to do things in my present, when I see a better me of future!

Another unique thing I feel is that, I am of strong notion that we are capable of growing our own vegetables and fruits. I try whatever seeds or plants I get it to grow. I love gardening. I feel very happy when I talk with my plants and water them.

Nature is something while seeing, I forget myself! – watching clouds slowly moving around, the complete movement of sunset and the beauty of its color changes, the budding flowers, the pure and happiness creating rain, hearing soul striking songs and forgetting myself, singing loudly and happily my heart out & a lot more to say!

Travelling alone – my favourite thing about me! I will become so thoughtful that I will start relating two unrelated things and finally establishing a weird relationship between those two and calling it as creativity! Lol 😀

I love myself being created this way in this planet!

Also, I very strongly feel a decision for a person should be taken for himself, by himself. For this to happen, the person should be taught or given suggestions of what is right and what is wrong and what are the consequences of both and finally let him to decide of his life. By this way, we teach not only the kids what is right & what is wrong, we also teach our kids on “how to decide by themselves in a correct way” Even though this is too early for kids, I feel this will give that person a strong foundation for giving a good self-esteem upon himself and a self-confidence to win our many situations when we parents are aged or become old or even wither away.

So, I strongly feel that our kids should not choose some illude, outward and not true characters from outside world as his or her role model, but to choose from his or her family. And we should be a strong individual ourselves for our kids to be proud of.

How proud and elated would you feel if your daughter says, “My mother is the most self-confident and humble woman I have ever seen and my father is the most wonderful and loving man I have ever seen & they are my role models in life!”

I never felt I am special and unique in my life until I realized and made up my mind that “I am different and unique” Everyone should have that mindset so as to increase their self-esteem! it is not too late!


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Serve the less fortunate!!

We friends went for a fun-filled trip. It was to the Ajanta and Ellora caves. We were so excited as we reached Aurangabad! For her, it was the first time she came with us for an outing. We hired an auto and it was in ease as one of our friends were able to talk Hindi. We were so amused to go to Ellora caves. There was something written on the way we travelled about this place.

“The 34 caves at Ellora and the 29 caves at Ajanta remained in obscurity for over a millennium, until John Smith, a British Army Officer, accidentally stumbled upon them while on a hunting expedition in 1819. Ajanta and Ellora are protected monument sites under the Archaeological Survey of India and has been included in the World Heritage list of monuments.”


We went to Cave 16, after sometime and it was called as Kailasa. To my amazement, it was cut with a single rock and it looked like a 3D structure! It was a holy temple to Lord Shiva.

It was said that sculptures related to the epic Ramayana was also seen, but I am not that well versed in it. So, I am not sure whether the scuptures belong to that.


On either side of Kailasa, there were more caves with several sculptures and one of it’s way went deep into the mountain. People advised us not to go too far into that. But, as we were talking, giggling around, one of my friend told me that the shy girl was missing. We were terrified with that info as she was very shy and also this was her first outing with us.

The shy girl was wandering as if her feet were a slave to the orders of some extraordinary force. Se started limitlessly walking into the forest. As she walking, she found a lot of Shiv Lingams on the way.  Suddenly those holy


Lingams turned golden color and it was running like a gold lake. She stopped her journey inside the mountain seeing this amazing thing! The moment she was seeing the golden river, it was changing into gold coins!!!!

A heap of gold coins!!

She has heard of these stories when she was kid. Yet, she never thought that this would be coming true to any of us. Also she never even imagined that this experience would be hers!! A dream coming true moment for her!!!

She was only 23 years old and this much gold coins was too much for her. Even though she was shy, she too had her dreams right? She felt it was God’s gift for her and she took as much she could in her backpack. She could not control her excitement!! Her character is that, she was very sympathetic to old people, poor people. Even when she didn’t have this much gold coins or money, she used to serve them with whatever she had.

Now, the “happiness of giving others” was deeply rooted into her soul!

While she was finding her way out, God would have thought that with this thoughts, “this little girl should live happily ever after without any miseries!”

To God’s grace, she found the way out and was travelling home alone with all the money she had. It would have crossed millions of dollars. Meanwhile her friends were upset on bringing her on the trip and where going back to their places.

download (1)

She has already heard of projects and programmes on the abolishment of poverty. She eventually, signed up for many such projects and started giving away all her gold coins until it was zero in count!

Yep, she had her own job to feed her! 🙂

So, how many of us are willing to give away such a gift from nature to others who are less fortunate than us?

“Help others, Be happy!”

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